"My 11 year old daughter was born to cook... She had the time of her life! She learned a lot of cooking skills, made a ton of great food and played games in the process. They also gave her a very nice printed booklet at week's end, along with recipes, and made a wonderful YouTube video of the class... Also the staff is very responsive."
  — Lindy, San Mateo
"I have an eight year old daughter who is now a whiz in the kitchen thanks to Kids Culinary Adventures. She has taken four week long cooking camps over the last two years and has loved every experience This is by far the BEST summer camp that I have EVER signed my daughter up for... If you would like your child to be able to fend for themselves when they leave home, this is the camp for you. And even better, they can start helping you with the meals at home. I love to cook with my daughter and she has taught both my husband and her friends how to cook these dishes. Her confidence in the kitchen is astounding. This is the ONLY camp that she has asked to repeat next year.

I have recommended Kids Culinary Adventures to both kids and adults--it is a wonderful place to learn to cook and have fun. And what other camps give the parents yummy treats EVERY day!! "
  — An, Burlingame
"They arrived early and were professionally dressed (chef jackets) and stocked with every cooking supply and ingredient the children would need to make their own personal pizzas and cupcakes! Both the new owners, Brian Allen and Danielle Nunes greeted not only the adults, but also the children very warmly. They seemed prepared but yet easy going, and there to have fun while educating the kids with some basic cooking skills! I can honestly say that each child had a blast learning how to prepare a meal for themselves, and the greatest part... they do all the clean up!"
  — Tabitha, Pacifica
"Best summer camp my 8 year old daughter ever had! I signed her up last summer wishing her to learn some basic life skill. That she did learn and some more: She's comfortable and confident in the kitchen now, either cracking eggs, or rolling cookie dough, or mixing on the side. She was always so happy at the end of day, talking what they did, how things worked in the day. She also wanted to teach me how to cook! She's looking forward to going back next summer. I'm hoping my son will join her. It's very nice place. Staff there are very pleasant to my child."
  — Newaur, Burlingame
"Our kids are 14 and 12, and enjoy cooking immensely. This is a wonderful little school - easy-going and knowledgeable instructors, inviting little kitchen, very clean and friendly."
  — Lisa, San Jose
"With the experienced individuals at Kids Culinary Adventures, you can feel confindent in hosting a do-it-yourself cooking event, one that can be as successful as if they were actually in your kitchen telling you step by step what to do! I purchased the "Fun Filled Cooking Party" ebook and my party was a raving success"
  — Cheryl S. Parent of Tyler (7) and Tiffany (11)
"My 7 year old son has been begging for cooking lessons. I have searched high and low and I stumbled on this place via the Redwood City Rec department. He just attended his first class today. The pricing is reasonable and the chef instructors are warm and welcoming and very enthusiastic. He has a blast... They made so much food she sent some home for us. Dad enjoyed it for dinner and he was so impressed that his son had made it all from scratch."
  — Sharon, Redwood City
"I used them last week for my twins (boy/girl) 9th birthday party. We chose the rock star theme. It was fantastic!! The location, decorations, etc. were all top notch. They handled all the details from start to finish (set up and clean up too!)"
  — Carolyn, Redwood City